Release Notes

Last updated: September 2022


PAVE's Capture API helps you add robust vehicle capture and inspection capabilities to your applications. We aim to evolve PAVE's capabilities and features continuously. Please visit this section often to learn more about recent releases and upcoming features.

Product Updates and New Feature Release Schedule

Recently Released Features:

Released Product Development Initiatives
Date Released
Add SFTP for Batch Jobs
Configure an SFTP and schedule a batch to generate CSV session data files with the preferred filters. Maximum 20 batch settings per account.
Aug 31, 2022
Capture and QA Only Theme (CAPTURE)
As an optional add-on to your account, you can now use PAVE as a capture only tool that will also QA the image quality
Sept 2, 2022
Allow Sessions Without VIN Decode
Vehicles that have a VIN that is unable to be decoded can now still be processed without the vehicle information required
Sept 9, 2022

Upcoming Feature Releases:

Upcoming Product Development Initiatives
Expected Release Date
Additional Photo Capture with Custom Content-Driven Flows
Add your own questions or action statements that have the option to prompt the user to capture additional photos to any API key's capture flow
Oct 10, 2022
Add Material of Wheels on CR and JSON results
PAVE will identify the vehicle's type of wheels and include this information in the results
Sept 28, 2022