Capture Only Theme (CAPT)

PAVE's Capture theme called CAPT enables a simple photo capture flow and a resulting CR for use cases that only require photo capture and not a full inspection.


PAVE offers an add-on theme called CAPT that enables image capture only and generates a CR, without a PAVE inspection being processed for that session.

Setting up the CAPT theme

Step 1- Request CAPT License: Please request a CAPT-specific licence code from your PAVE customer support or product team representative to get started. A CAPT license is first configured on PAVE's end and then handed over to the client for further setup at an API Key level.

Step 2- Set up a CAPT-specific API Key: Create an API Key, and select CAPT as the 'Default Theme'.

Step 3- Select the Capture Flow: Click the vehicle view(s) to select and customize the capture photos to be added to the Capture Flow. The images selected here will show up on the Capture process on the UI.

Step 4- Select 'Allow Skippable' (Optional): The 'Allow Skippable' function lets the user skip photos on the Capture UI, if required. Read more about the 'Allow Skippable' feature here

Note: CAPT sessions include Image QC but no damage detection. ie. images are accepted or rejected on the basis of correctness of view, but there is no damage detection done for these sessions.

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