PAVE OpenAPI Overview

Let anyone take photos of a car and get a detailed condition report and grading in minutes.

PAVE's an intelligent inspection API that helps you to add robust vehicle capture and inspection capability to your applications. This guide will allow you to quickly set up the ability to activate PAVE's guided capture UI to use in your workflows and automate your process using the returned inspection and image capture results.

Base URL

All URLs referenced in the API documentation have the following base;

The PAVE Inspection API (PAVE API) supports two environments from the same base URL:

  • Staging: The environment is for your team to use for test purposes only. You may use your staging API key at any time. Your capture and inspection results will remain the same as production and return actual results. However, these sessions are not included in your monthly usage. For testing, set your API key as TEST in your developer settings by logging into your console.

  • Production: The production environment will be used for any commercial capture and inspection usage and will be included in your monthly usage. For production, set your API key to LIVE in your developer settings.

4-Step Process to Automate Your Inspections

You can start implementing PAVE into your production in many ways.

Step one: Generate a unique PAVE Session URL that will activate the guided capture UI. This Capture UI is a PWA (Progressive Web App) that utilizes the user's browser to walk them through capturing the required images. If needed, it can include specific vehicle disclosures, additional announcements, customized questions, and additional content-driven photo capture.

Step two: Using the Capture UI, the end-user starts their capture process, and you can track their progress in real-time from the dashboard or using the appropriate webhooks.

Step three: With your Redirect URL, the end-user gets directed back to your website or application using a redirect URL you included for each session; when the user is finished capturing the final image and has completed additional optional steps.

Step four: Get comprehensive inspection results. Within 150 seconds from the time the final image gets captured and transferred, you will get a detailed condition report and grading of the vehicle. As well as all the information you would need to automate your workflows.

Eight Ways to Add PAVE’s Capture UI (PWA) in Your Application or Process

Your end-users can access the PAVE Capture UI by clicking the unique session link you created. This capture interface works on most smartphones (iOS and Android, excluding Huawei) with no download required using our PWA (Progressive Web App) that can be distributed in eight ways.

1) Add PAVE to Your Native App

Visit the Deep Linking section on implementing PAVE's deep link capabilities to activate the PAVE Capture UI as a PWA from within your native mobile Android or iOS application.

2) Add PAVE Button to Your Webpage or Application

<a href="https://{{your_account_name}}{{session_key}}">CAPTURE VEHICLE PHOTOS</a>.

Once you have the session_key generated, you can launch the capture UI, which begins the inspection process. First replace {{your_account_name}} with the username provided for your account and replace {{session_key}} in the PAVE session URL {{your_account_name}}{{session_key}}, with the generated session_key you created using the POST Create Session process.

These session launch URLs are one-use links so please request a new session_key for each vehicle to be inspected. Your Users will be able to start a capture and return at any time to complete the session where they last finished as these URLs do not expire.

As your end-user clicks the CTA on your page or space to launch PAVE use the POST Create Session process to generate the session_key and replace {{session_key}}in the session launch URL.

3) Add Widget to Your Webpage

PAVE's dashboard provides easy-to-use tools to set up your website embeddable form widgets as a low code method to add a way for your website visitors to send a PAVE link via SMS to their phone. Set up your website form widget by visiting your dashboard and go to SETTINGS > WIDGETS > CREATE NEW WIDGET.

You can create shareable links to use for any API key from your dashboard. Shareable links make it easy to allow your customers to send themselves a PAVE link by SMS to their phone if they are not mobile or they can start a session directly if they are. Use shareable links in any of your email campaigns, or on social media. You can also include your own YouTube explainer video to enhance your sharable link landing page.

Set up sharable link widgets for each of your team by visiting your dashboard and go to SETTINGS > WIDGETS > CREATE NEW WIDGET > SHARABLE LINK.

Once you create a sharable link, add it to the home screen on any smartphone to make it easy to send anyone a link or use it to start your capture sessions.

Once you get access to your PAVE dashboard you can start sending links as SMS messages right away.

The other option is to request an SMS message (containing a link to your User's own unique Capture URL) to be sent to your User directly from the PAVE API, and you can also have the results sent to any person from your organization when they are finished capturing their vehicle. To accomplish this option, you would only need to provide a "to" and a "from" mobile number in your POST Create Session request. If you use the callback URL option, you will also see when the recipient sends and receives the message. This process is covered in more detail in the section for the POST Create Session.

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