Comprehensive Vehicle Grading with PAVE

PAVE's grading system is a critical component of its platform, allowing it to provide a comprehensive assessment of the condition of a vehicle. After PAVE's system detects all damages, it calculates the overall grading of the vehicle to provide an accurate representation of its condition.

The grading standards used by PAVE are the result of a careful combination of the best practices from the global automotive industry. This approach ensures that PAVE's grading system is based on the most widely accepted and comprehensive industry standards. As a result, clients can trust that the grading they receive from PAVE is a reliable and accurate representation of the vehicle's condition.

PAVE's grading system is designed to be transparent and user-friendly. Clients can easily understand the grading results, making it easier for them to make informed decisions about their vehicles. Whether it's for insurance claims, vehicle purchases, or leasing, PAVE's grading system provides the essential information clients need to make informed decisions.

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