PAVE Hotspots API

Automate Damage Hotspots for 360˚-Vehicle Spins

Experience the ultimate in precision and transparency with PAVE Hotspots - the premier automated vehicle condition analysis service. Our cutting-edge platform empowers 360-vehicle spin providers to effortlessly submit their photos for expert analysis, generating comprehensive condition reports that pinpoint the exact location of any defects found.

Utilizing advanced x and y percentage-based coordinate systems, PAVE Hotspots gives you the ability to automatically generate hotspots with damage details and links to cropped images, giving website visitors a crystal-clear understanding of every vehicle's condition.

PAVE Hotspots Percentage-Based Coordinates System

PAVE Hotspots offers a cutting-edge solution for detecting damage with precision and ease to be included in any 360 vehicle spins. Our JSON object includes a position field that pinpoints the exact location of each damage found using a percentage-based coordinate system. The "x" value represents the damage's distance from the left edge of the image, while the "y" value represents the distance from the top edge. Plus, with each damage, you'll receive all the necessary information and a cropped photo to give you a clear visual of the hotspot.

Integration Flow for Hotspots

  1. First, 360-Spin Providers receive vehicle captures (images) from their client.

  2. Then, the 360-Spin Providers submit select photos of this set to PAVE via an API call.

  3. PAVE then inspects these select images for damages.

  4. Lastly, the damage assessment report, damage co-ordinates, and cropped photos of the damages (URL) are sent back to the 360-Spin Provider through a Webhook or an API call made directly to PAVE's Hotspots API

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