Skip Pictures

Introducing the ability to skip a photo during inspection, if required (Available for PAVE CAPT theme only)

The new 'Skip Photo' feature allows the PAVE inspectors using the CAPT theme, the ability to skip one or more images during an inspection if the need so arises, and still complete an inspection and produce a condition report with the remaining images.

Steps Involved

Step 1: Set up a new API Key for CAPT (or use an existing CAPT theme API Key)

As this feature is only available for CAPT theme users, it will only apply to inspections done on an API key with the default theme set as CAPT. Therefore, first set up a new CAPT themed key or ensure an exiting CAPT themed key is used to start the inspection.

Toggle ON the 'ALLOW SKIPPABLE' button to turn ON this feature. Similarly, toggle OFF the 'ALLOW SKIPPABLE' button to turn OFF this feature, if required in future.

This feature is optional and can be enabled by toggling ON the 'ALLOW SKIPPABLE' option

Step 2: 'Skip Picture' feature on the Capture Screen

Once an inspection is sent from a CAPT themed Key is started, the inspector will notice an option (icon is highlighted in yellow) to skip that photo

When the 'Skip Photo' icon is selected, it presents a confirmation screen as shown below

Selecting 'Confirm' skips that photo and moves to the next photo to be capture, or ends the session in case this was the last image to be captured.

Selecting 'Back' closes the 'Confirm' screen and takes you back to the capture screen for this photo again.

NOTE: At least one image is required to be captured

In case all capture images have been skipped , then the Capture UI will not allow the last image to be skipped too. This is done to prevent a blank condition report to be generated. The following prompt will be displayed on the last image if all prior images were skipped:

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