Detected Damages

Detected Damages by PAVE

PAVE's inspection engine analyzes images to detect 350 specific damages of different degrees of severity that cover most cosmetic damages on 249 components that make up the anatomy of over 23,000 light commercial and passenger vehicle models sold over the past 15 years in North America that PAVE’s models were developed from.

These damages are mainly concentrated on the exterior and wheels and tires. Adding additional interior damages is in PAVE's product roadmap for a planned release in Q2 of 2023.

PAVE has no known limitations on its ability for detecting damages from 2D images on any vehicle type, body style or color. However, other environmental factors that can impact PAVE's results are:

Captures of vehicles in the dark or at night. Captures of cars or trucks during significant rain or snowfall. Captures of images when standing in direct sunlight.

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