Condition Report (PDF)

Condition Report

The Condition Report is a document that presents inspection results in both PDF and HTML formats. The PDF version is commonly shared with consumers, while the HTML report is primarily used for internal purposes and includes KBB values. It is important to note that if an inspection is conducted under the PRO theme, the HTML report will not display the KBB value, and the dashboard will not provide an HTML report link. The LITE theme must be used to access the HTML report with the KBB value. You can change the theme under your selected API Key to run the inspection.

Please be aware that there are instances where the KBB report may not be available. This can occur if insufficient data in the sample set for the specific geographic location where the inspection was completed. KBB relies on data from similar vehicles in the area to provide accurate values.

To access the Condition Report, click on the 'Condition Report PDF' icon located on the Inspection Result HTML page, as shown in the image below:

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