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With PAVE PRO, users are guided through capturing 13 standard vehicle photos and can also add any additional images based on specific custom requirements.
Pave Pro allows trained users ( employees, contractors, etc.) to make changes during and after the Guided PAVE inspection process.
These changes include:
Add Additional Images – Photos of additional Damages, cracked displays, interior damage, or other important items you wish to capture.
Add Annotations to Photos – Simply by touching the photo where the damage is located, a drop-down will allow you to choose from a list of damage types and severity.
Accept and Decline damages – Whether they were added manually or captured automatically, any damages can be allowed or denied before finalizing the Condition Report.
Additional Images
After completing the PAVE-guided 13-photo CaptureUI process, you'll see the 'ADD IMAGES' screen. Click on the 'ADD IMAGES' button if you have additional images to include. Use this feature if the images weren't captured during the PAVE or Custom Capture processes.
Click on the 'Add More' button to add new or additional images. You can upload images from your Photo Library, take photos using your phone's camera, or browse your phone storage for existing picture files. Add up to 16 more images by clicking the 'Add More' button. Once you've added all the desired images, click on the 'UPLOAD ALL' button to include them in the inspection.
Reviewing and Accepting/Denying Damage
After uploading additional pictures, you'll be taken to the 'APPROVE & REVIEW INSPECTION' screen. For each component, scroll down the page and accept or deny assessed damage by selecting 'YES,' 'N/A,' or 'NO.' Selecting 'N/A' or 'NO' removes the damage from the condition report and excludes it from the scoring calculation. Click the '+' button at the bottom of the page to move to the next section after accepting or rejecting all damage.
Adding Annotated Damage
You can add annotated damage here by clicking the 'ADD DAMAGES' button. Once clicked, choose the panel (picture) where you want to add the damage. Touch the picture to indicate where the damage is located. The 'choose damage' frame opens, allowing you to select the type of damage and its severity. After selecting, click 'OK.' The annotation appears in the photo. If satisfied, click 'CONFIRM.'
Confirming and Finalizing the Inspection
The added damage will now be displayed on the Condition Report. Any extra photos taken and uploaded appear in the condition report as 'OPTIONAL.' These photos are not inspected but are included in the report as optional. The annotations added will appear in the Guided Photo section.
After completing the PRO section, click the 'CONFIRM' button to finalize the inspection process. The status in the dashboard will change from 'CONFIRM' to 'COMPLETE' to indicate the finalized inspection. Congratulations on successfully using PAVE Pro!
You can download a PDF version of the article here.